Life Insurance in Enniskillen

If you’re looking for advice on life insurance, The Right Protection 4U Limited can help. Offering expert assistance to customers in Enniskillen and across Northern Ireland, we’re here to help you find a life insurance policy to suit your requirements.

Giving you peace of mind.

Loosing a lived one is never easy but the long term affects can be greatly reduced with the right financial planning. Life insurance is one of many insurance products available to reduce the financial impact of loosing someone close.

Advances in medicine and technology mean there’s a good chance you’ll survive a serious illness. Bearing this in mind, we can also look at adding critical illness cover to the life policy or exploring either some short term or long income protection plans.

We work with all the major insurers and can offer FREE, honest and impartial advice. So whether you already know what cover you would like, or you want to explore the different options available, send us an email or give us a call and we’ll help you choose the right cover.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is generally a lump sum payment to a loved one/family member following your death, or you being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Adding peace of mind and financial security to your chosen benefactor(s), a life insurance policy can help put your mind at rest and let you focus on living your life.

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